Public meeting to address concerns about Bosco Homes facility

A public meeting will be held to address concerns following the news that two 14-year-old boys charged in the slayings of a man and a woman had run away from a Strathcona County treatment facility run by Bosco Homes.

A public meeting will be held for Strathcona County residents following the news that two 14-year-old boys charged in the slayings of a man and a woman on a rural property had run away from a nearby treatment facility run by Bosco Homes.

"The public meeting will provide community members with information in response to questions raised about the assessment, supervision and procedures for overseeing children and youth at the residential treatment facility, as well as discussing next steps to further address concerns," an Alberta government release said.

The announcement followed a meeting Thursday involving county representatives, the RCMP and child welfare officials, who are also setting up a working group to review what happened and determine what to do next. The location and date of the meeting have yet to be confirmed.

The bodies of Barry Boenke, 68, and Susan Trudel, 50, were discovered on a rural property less than 10 kilometres away from the facility, early Monday morning.

One youth was charged Tuesday with two counts of first-degree murder. The other was charged with two counts of being an accessory after the fact. Both are wards of the province who lived at the Bosco Homes facility east of Edmonton.

The charges have raised long-standing issues among area homeowners about the safety of the facility.

Premier pledges probe

On Thursday, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach said provincial officials are reviewing what happened.

"It's a serious matter. Tragic. There's two lives lost," he said. "It is a rare event, but our condolences go to the family because it is tragic.

"I don't think any family members expected something like that and ... we're doing a review in terms of the circumstances."

The working group will send Stelmach a report on Thursday's meeting.

On Wednesday, RCMP revealed additional information about the youths.

At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, police responded to a mischief complaint at the New Horizon School in Ardrossan, east of Edmonton. The two youths were arrested and charged with mischief, vandalism and possession of stolen property.

They were released back to Bosco Homes at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

However, they went missing again late Sunday afternoon while playing outside in a supervised group. They were discovered in Edmonton nine hours later, allegedly in a stolen truck when they were stopped by police.

The bodies of Boenke and Trudel were discovered after RCMP tried to find the truck's registered owner. Boenke was found lying in the yard of the property. Trudel's body was discovered in a trailer.