Premier Alison Redford shuffles cabinet

A number of ministers have been moved to new jobs and some have been demoted in a cabinet shuffle announced late Friday afternoon by Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

Dave Hancock is new deputy premier, Lukaszuk moved to Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

A number of ministers have been moved to new jobs and some have been demoted in a cabinet shuffle announced late Friday afternoon by Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

Mostly notably, Thomas Lukaszuk is no longer deputy premier.

That job will now be filled by former Human Services Minister Dave Hancock, who is also the new minister of Innovation and Advanced Education.

Lukaszuk is now in charge of the new ministry of Jobs, Skills and Training.

Diana McQueen has been moved from Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to the Energy portfolio.

Former energy minister Ken Hughes is now minister of Municipal Affairs. Doug Griffiths have been moved from Municipal Affairs to Service Alberta.

Ric McIver was moved from Transportation to Infrastructure. Manmeet Bhullar takes over from Hancock as Human Services Minister.

Robin Campbell takes over from McQueen in Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. 

Some ministers are staying in their portfolios: Fred Horne in Health, Jonathan Denis in Justice and Solicitor General, Jeff Johnston in Education, Doug Horner in Treasury Board and Finance, Heather Klimchuk in Culture, Cal Dallas in International and Intergovernmental Relations and Richard Starke in Tourism, Parks and Recreation. 

Opposition criticizes shuffle

Following the release of the cabinet shuffle, Alberta New Democrat leader Brian Mason spoke out against the changes, saying taxpayers should not be forced to pay for Redford’s expanding cabinet.

Mason suggested the addition of several new positions within the cabinet was Redford’s attempt to manage caucus discontent.

“Handing out cabinet positions like candy is no way to manage a government,” he said. “The premier is attempting to buy the loyalty of her fractured caucus with money that should be going to health care and education. Overall we are seeing a bloated, expensive cabinet, appointed for political expediency rather than merit.

Mason also noted that more than half of Redford’s caucus has a specific portfolio and will get extra pay.

 Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith also criticized the size of the new cabinet.

Smith said she was disappointed that several ministers would be continuing in their roles despite strong criticism – particularly in the financial and health portfolios.

“A cabinet shuffle is an opportunity to change direction and signify a new vision. Unfortunately for Albertans, Premier Redford has decided to stick with the status quo on the major issues we face as a province.

“The Premier has decided to stick with her Finance Minister, despite presiding over a budget that he can’t balance, and her Health Minister, despite running system that he can’t fix.” 

New Cabinet

Italics -  indicates a position that has changed hands

* - indicates a newly created position

Alison Redford


President of Executive Council
Dave Hancock

Deputy Premier

Minister of Innovation & Advanced Education
Doug Horner

President of Treasury Board

Minister of Finance
Thomas LukaszukMinister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour*
Cal DallasMinister of International and Intergovernmental Relations
Diana McQueenMinister of Energy
Fred HorneMinister of Health
Ken HughesMinister of Municipal Affairs
Jeff Johnson

Minister of Education

Ministerial Liaison to the Canadian Forces
Verlyn Olson

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Deputy House Leader
Jonathan Denis

Minister of Justice & Solicitor General

Deputy House Leader
Doug GriffithsMinister of Service Alberta
Robin Campbell

Minister of Environment & Sustainable Resource Development

Government House Leader
Heather KlimchukMinister of Culture
Frank Oberle

Minister of Aboriginal Relations

Deputy House Leader
Manmeet BhullarMinister of Human Services
Wayne DrysdaleMinister of Transportation
Ric McIverMinister of Infrastructure
Richard StarkeMinister of Tourism, Parks, & Recreation

Associate Ministers

Dave RodneyWellness
Teresa Woo-Paw

International and Intergovernmental Relations (Asia)

Kyle Fawcett

Recovery & Reconstruction for South West Alberta

Greg Weadick

Recovery & Reconstruction for South East Alberta

Rick Fraser

Recovery & Reconstruction for High River

Don Scott

Accountability Transparency and Transformation

Sandra Jansen

Family and Community Safety

Steve Young

Public Safety*

Dave QuestSeniors
Donna Kennedy-GlansElectricity and Renewable Energy*
Naresh BhardwajPersons with Disabilities


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