Popular burger joint bids adieu

Thursday marked the last time Edmontonians were able eat a gigantic burger from a double-decker bus parked in the city's north end.
Carol Reczka was serving up burgers at the Motoraunt for the last time Thursday. ((CBC))
Thursday marked the last time Edmontonians were able eat a gigantic burger from a double-decker bus parked in the city's north end.

Customers flocked to Edmonton's 27-year-old Motoraunt this week before it closed its doors for good.

"I've been coming here for about 10 years, I guess, something like that, and I'm sad to see it go," Elmer Nuttall said Thursday.

"How could you not love a place with a story like this one?" Greg Morgan said. "One last kick at the can, I guess."

Patrons eat their burgers in a kitschy diner decorated with black velvet paintings. The trademark meal is the monster burger, a whopping one-kilogram of beef.

The bus parked at its present location on 66th Street and 124th Avenue in the north end of the city in the 1990s.

The Motoraunt is known for the Monster burger. (CBC)
Motoraunt's owner Carol Reczka said the time has come for her to move on.

"The rent has gone up right now 100 per cent. It's going to be 50 per cent more at the end of December," she said.

"I have to get a bunch more insurance if I decide to stay. Plus I'm a three-year diabetic now. … I really feel the call that it's time for me to make a decision and to do something about this now."

The Motoraunt was to close for the last time at 9 p.m. MT Thursday.

Reczka has no plans to retire. She plans to drive the bus out of Edmonton and set up shop on a lake somewhere during the summer months.