Police hope man's voice will lead to missing woman

Police are taking an unusual step in releasing a cellphone call to track down a man in connection with a missing woman case.

Desperate to find Amber

9 years ago
Police take the unusual step of releasing evidence to find missing woman, reports John Robertson 1:33

Police are taking an unusual step in releasing a cellphone call to track down a man in connection with a missing woman case.

"This is the most painful thing I've ever been through, " Vivan Tuccaro, mother of Amber Tuccaro. "I feel helpless not knowing where my daughter is.

"Please listen to the man's voice and if recognize call police," she said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Vivian Tuccaro pleads at a news conference for people to listen to the cell phone call. (CBC)

Two years ago Amber Alyssa Tuccaro left her hotel room in Nisku, Alta., south of Edmonton to catch a ride into the city.

She got into a vehicle of a man and was not heard from again.

On Tuesday, police released a recording of a man's voice caught on a cell phone call during a conversation with another person.

In the recording, the man tries to convince Tuccaro he is driving east from Nisku to enter the city from 50th Street, but police believe he drove south and east of Nisku into rural Leduc County.

Call disturbing

Police said the contents of call may be disturbing to some, but it's critical to the case that the man is identified.

"We believe the male driver of this vehicle has information that may assist police in finding Amber," said RCMP Const. Ray Shelton in a video which describes the events leading up to Tuccaro's disappearance. 

Tuccaro flew to Edmonton from Fort McMurray with her 14-month-old son Jacob and a female friend, he said.

After spending a night at a Nisku hotel Tuccaro left shortly before 8 p.m. Aug. 18th with the unknown man.

Releasing the tape breaks new ground for KARE investigators, said Shelton.

"We know people will have questions about how we got it," he said. "We can’t answer those questions. The important thing is that we have the tape, people can listen to it and help us find out what happened to Amber."

Anyone who can identify the voice is asked to call Project KARE or Crime Stoppers.

Project KARE is an RCMP-led unit mandated to investigate Alberta cases of murdered and missing persons whose vulnerable circumstances may have resulted in their disappearance.