Pembina river raft brawl ends with two arrests

A nasty brawl at the Pembina River Provincial Park has ended in two arrests.

RCMP have arrested two people after a fight on the Pembina River

A picture from Facebook of the woman who said she was attacked while at the Pembina River Provincial Park. (Facebook)

A nasty brawl at the Pembina River Provincial Park has ended in two arrests. 

RCMP say they were called to an assault complaint at the campground at around 8 p.m. on June 7.

That's where they found a woman who had been attacked and had several cuts and scrapes on her face. She was treated in hospital and sent home. 

The officers then arrested a 30-year-old woman and charged her with one count of aggravated assault. They also arrested a man. Charges against him are pending.

RCMP Sergeant Marlene Brown said the people involved had been drinking. 

The altercation was allegedly captured on YouTube in a video which has since been deleted. The video shows people throwing rocks and bottles at each other on the shore of the Pembina River.

A friend of a woman claiming to be the victim posted a graphic photo from a hospital bed of the lacerations to her face.

The manager of Pembina River Tubing said these people were not her clients, adding that she was disappointed to hear that alcohol may have been involved. 

"We're all doing our best to make it a pleasant experience for families because that's who we want here, not drunken dum dums," Cheryl Harris said. 

Harris said everyone knows booze is not allowed on the river anyway and hopes to see more enforcement now.


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