Only one who wore a costume at work? This tweet's for you

A videojournalist at CBC Edmonton became a beacon of holiday cheer on Halloween, representing all those lonely souls who found themselves the only ones in costumes at their workplaces.

Loneliest Elmo picture taps into collective Halloween subconscious

Videojournalist Travis McEwan inadvertently became a Halloween hero Monday after tweeting out a picture of himself in full costume on the job - when none of his colleagues dressed up. (Ariel Fournier/CBC)

A videojournalist at CBC Edmonton became a beacon of holiday cheer on Halloween, representing all those lonely souls who found themselves wearing the only costumes at their workplaces.

When Travis McEwan first stepped into the newsroom decked out in his fuzzy red Elmo suit, he was dismayed to find that he stuck out like a sore thumb.

"It wasn't very satisfying," McEwan said. "For everybody else, it was like a regular day at the office. And then there's me, awkwardly coming in all by myself."

Video journalist Travis McEwan was a little disappointed to find he was the only one in the CBC Edmonton newsroom who showed up in costume on Halloween. 0:17

When a co-worker took a picture of "McElmo" working at his desk in his full regalia, McEwan decided to tweet it out. 

Little did he know he would tap into the collective psyche of Halloween superfans who found themselves similarly the black sheep of their workplaces.

Within six hours of publishing the tweet, it had been favourited nearly 2,000 times and retweeted by more than 700 people.

"I got tons of support — people tweeting back and saying, 'This is me,' " McEwan said.

Soon, others began sending in their own solo costumed shots.

​In the end, McEwan wasn't alone for long. By day's end, he was joined by three other CBC/Radio-Canada employees. Fittingly, one even dressed up as Big Bird.

By day's end, Elmo had a couple friends: Big Bird, milk and cookies, and death herself. (Caitlin Hanson/CBC)