Oilers bloggers having fun despite team's losing ways

Edmonton fans are passionate about their hockey team. The turnout last weekend in Las Vegas was certainly proof of that.

'If the Oilers were losing and the players were unhappy, then I was also going to make myself unhappy'

Making the best of it.

4 years ago
Oilers fans having fun despite their teams losing ways 1:09

Edmonton fans are passionate about their hockey team. The turnout last weekend in Las Vegas was certainly proof of that. But there hasn't been a lot to cheer about this season with the Oilers sitting 10 points out of a wildcard playoff spot.  

With playoff expectations missing the mark and frustrations building, three bloggers at the website Oilersnation.com decided to embrace the team's mediocrity and have some fun with it.  
Chris Gordeyko (left) and colleague 'The Nation Dan' (right) blog about the Edmonton Oilers at Oilersnation.com.

"We were three games in[to] the season and we just got beat by the Winnipeg Jets," said 'The Nation Dan,' as he's known to his readers. 

After only three games, Dan put it out there that he would wear shorts until the Oilers reached a record of equal wins and losses in the season. That was Oct. 9 and he still hasn't put any pants on yet. 

"I'm on day 94 right now. We're coming up on 100 days of shorts in this weather, " said Dan, adding that he almost buckled on New Year's Eve when the team was thoroughly embarrassed 5-0 on home ice by the Winnipeg Jets.

"The New Year's game some people were pretty concerned for me, " said Dan, who ended up having to walk in shorts from Rogers Place to a restaurant on 109th Street.
'The Nation Dan' has had to wear shorts since Oct. 9.

'Beet writer' till .500

Not to be outdone, others in the blog's office have jumped on the #Sacrificefor500 bandwagon too.

Oilersnation writer @JSBMBaggedMilk said he would eat beets after every loss, until the team reaches a win-loss record of .500.

"The point is that if the Oilers were losing and the players were unhappy, then I was also going to make myself unhappy," he said. 

"Powering through a full can of beets after a loss is just adding insult to injury — a little salt in the wound, " he said. He has resorted to using salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar to mask the taste.

That was 20 cans of beets ago. The Oilers currently have 20 wins on the season and 26 losses, meaning reaching a .500 record isn't a lost cause.

Turkey hat for a day

Last but certainly not least is blogger Chris Gordeyko, who goes by the Twitter handle @TheNationChris.

Gordeyko's choice of humiliation involves wearing a turkey hat after each loss below the record of .500.

It's not quite as extreme as wearing shorts in the winter, or stomaching beets out of a can, but it looks downright ridiculous.

"It's just a ridiculous, obnoxious looking turkey hat," said Gordeyko.

"Some people say I have the easiest one, the easiest punishment out of the group, which is probably fair. But my reaction to that is that they've obviously never had to wear a turkey hat for 24 hours."

Barring some kind of miracle run, or a meltdown by one of the several teams the Oilers are currently chasing in the standings, most would agree these three diehard fans will be in for more shorts, beets and turkey hats.

The Oilers aren't statistically out of the playoff picture yet, but they sure are close. 

Reaching an even record of .500 isn't out of the realm just yet, but if the Oilers don't put a streak of wins together soon, the suffering for the bloggers over at Oilersnation could carry on right up until April.


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