Edmonton man challenges Oilers fans to dance while they cheer

Harman Baweja wants Edmonton Oilers fans to celebrate each goal with a victory dance.

#OilersCellyChallenge urges fans to get wild with new dance moves

Ryan Ocol, Josh Capulong and Harman Baweja have choreographed a celebratory dance for Oilers fans. They call it the #OilersCellChallenge - and are hoping to make go viral. 1:14

Harman Baweja wants Edmonton Oilers fans to celebrate each goal with a victory dance.

The Edmonton-based dance instructor, hip-hop dancer and self-professed Oilers superfan has choreographed a routine and is challenging every member of Oilers Nation to groove to the moves.

Baweja hopes his new NHL-inspired, fist-pumping one-step will take over the stands at Rogers Place this season.

He calls it the Oilers Celly Challenge.

"I mean Oilers fans are pretty passionate fans as is, but I think this is another way to bring the city together, bring fans together and give them another reason to cheer," Baweja said in an interview Wednesday with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.

"Everyone at the games are pretty wild, but they could do something else to support the team that's new and different."  

'Start something'

The dance, choreographed to a mash up of Rock n' Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter and play calls of Oilers goals, made its debut online earlier this month.

The clip features Baweja and his friends Josh Capulong and Ryan Ocol flipping and breakdancing outside the downtown arena alongside an army of jersey-clad back-up dancers.  

Since the video was posted two weeks ago, it's been promoted by the team and viewed more than 30,000 times.

"We didn't think it would get this big this fast," Baweja said. "Hopefully it will catch on." 

Harman Baweja flanked by Josh Capulong and Ryan Ocol decided to celebrate their favourite team with a new choreographed routine. (Harman Baweja/Instagram)

Baweja recently created a tutorial video so fans can learn the moves and post their own dance videos under the #OilersCellyChallenge hashtag.

Baweja has joked that he was inspired to choreograph the dance when Connor McDavid came to him in a dream and asked for the help of Oilers fans everywhere.

In reality, the project has less dreamy beginnings in the dance studio.

"It was more of a passion project. We wanted to do something were we could fuse our love for hockey and our love of dance," Baweja said.

"Originally it was just going to be the three of us ... but as we started creating everything, we thought it would be cool if we made it bigger than ourselves. Maybe we could start something."