Norquest College's Jodi Abbott third-highest paid college president

The president and CEO of Norquest College was paid a salary of $411,591 last year, making her the third-highest paid college leader in Alberta reported so far.

Salaries over $125K at Alberta agencies, boards and commissions must be posted by Thursday

Jodi Abbott has been the president and CEO of Norquest College in Edmonton since 2010. (Norquest College)

The president of Norquest College was paid a salary of $411,591 last year, making her the third-highest paid Alberta college leader reported so far under new provincial compensation disclosure rules.

In addition to her salary, Jodi Abbott received $78,728 in non-cash benefits, bringing her total compensation to $490,319.

Abbott's compensation was released Tuesday under new provincial rules ordering agencies, boards and commissions to publicly post the salaries of people making more than $125,000 a year by June 30.

David Ross, president of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, was the top earner reported so far, with a 2015 base salary of $489,071. His total compensation came to $518,375.

Glenn Feltham, his counterpart at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, earned a base salary of $434,323 in 2015. His total compensation was $468,393.

Medicine Hat College disclosed the salaries of its high earners Tuesday. In 2015, college president Denise Henning earned $257,264 in salary and $29,763 in non-cash benefits, bringing her total compensation to $287,027. 

Keyano College is the only Alberta college still to report salaries of its highest-paid staffers. However, the government has granted an extension to the Fort McMurray institution due to the wildfire which forced a month-long mandatory evacuation.

Three of Alberta's six universities have yet to post salary disclosures. Athabasca, Mount Royal and MacEwan posted their salaries earlier this week.

Here are the salaries of the college and university presidents, broken down by base salary and total compensation, disclosed so far:

  1. David Ross, SAIT, base salary $489,071; total compensation $518,375
  2. Glenn Feltham, NAIT $434,323; $468,393 
  3. Jodi Abbott, Norquest College.  $411,591;  $490,319
  4. Sharon Carry, Bow Valley College $397,995; $403,228
  5. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College $372,292; $402,853
  6. Herbert Thompson, Olds College $356,735; $387,956
  7. Don Gnatiuk, Grande Prairie Regional College $351,650; $382,399\
  8. Peter MacKinnon, Athabasca University $342,974; $351.252
  9. David Atkinson, MacEwan University $330,599; $360,081
  10. David Docherty, Mount Royal University $326,368; $355,034
  11. Joel Ward, Red Deer College $325,936; $355,283
  12. Alice Wainwright-Stewart, Lakeland College $267,063; $300,677
  13. Trent Keough, Portage College $227,647; $265,919
  14. Ann Everatt, Northern Lakes College $227,990; $264,502


Michelle Bellefontaine

Provincial affairs reporter

Michelle Bellefontaine covers the Alberta legislature for CBC News in Edmonton. She has also worked as a reporter in the Maritimes and in northern Canada.