New rules would see expense reports posted online

New disclosure rules would see bi-monthly reports on expense claims for ministers, staff and hundreds of senior government workers

Expense reports from hundreds of provincial employees will be posted online under new disclosure rules announced by Premier Alison Redford Wednesday.

Under the new requirements, the government will publish bi-monthly reports on the expense claims of Ministers, Associate Ministers and their political staff.

"My commitment to Albertans to provide greater transparency and accountability has been consistent from my first day as Premier. This is a priority for me," Redford said in a release.

Around 400 senior public servants, members of caucus and managers will also fall under the rules.

The announcement comes after questions arose about the expense claims made by a senior official at Alberta Health Services.

Documents obtained by the CBC showed that Allaudin Merali, the health board's executive vice-president, spent thousands of dollars on lavish meals, wine and other goods between 2005 and 2008.

Merali was fired from AHS hours before the story aired. Afterwards, the government promised to look at its disclosure rules.

The new requirements will go into effect in October, with the first report expected in December.

Redford says the changes will be reviewed yearly by the province’s Privacy Commissioner.

She says she expects that all publicly funded agencies, boards and commissions will quickly follow suit.