NDP leader Mulcair to visit Alberta over oilsands

Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair will visit Alberta and possibly the oilsands in two weeks, says his Alberta counterpart.

Mulcair to meet oil executives at end of month

Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair will visit Alberta and possibly the oilsands in two weeks, says his Alberta counterpart.

"Tom and I had a conversation over the phone a couple of days ago, and I invited him to come to Alberta," said Alberta ND leader Brian Mason. "I’m pleased that he agreed to come."

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has angered western premiers with remarks about the impact of the oilsands on Canada's economy. (Canadian Press)

Mulcair will arrive in Alberta late Wednesday, May 30, and meet with political and business leaders in the energy sector Thursday, May 31.

Mulcair will also visit the oilsands "if that can be arranged," and maybe even meet with Premier Alison Redford, said Mason.

Mulcair said last week that the oilsands have created a high Canadian dollar, which in turn has hurt the country's manufacturing sector, largely based in central Canada.

He went even further this week calling Redford, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and B.C. Premier Christy Clark "messengers" of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for criticizing him.

"I hope that Tom’s visit to Alberta will be very productive, both for Albertans and for all Canadians," Mason said.

Mason said the discussion is spiralling out of control.

He accuses the premiers and the prime minister of misinterpreting and exaggerating Mulcair's statements.

"When people are saying he's attacking the west attacking Alberta,....they are being as divisive or more divisive than Mr. Mulcair."

But when asked by CBC reporter John Archer if any of Mulcair's comments made him cringe, Mason responded, "I want to have that conversation with him."