Napping 101: Where to find 40 winks on campus

The science of the siesta, the art of the catnap, the seminar of shuteye — programs of study you're unlikely to find in a university course guide. That's why the UAlberta Nap Map is so desperately needed.

The art of catching zzz's between classes

Civil engineering student Jordan Cymbaluk squeezes in a nap between classes on the University of Alberta campus. (CBC)

The science of the siesta, the art of the catnap, the seminar on shuteye — programs of study you're unlikely to find in a university course guide.

That's why the UAlberta Nap Map is so desperately needed.

"A good nap is always essential," says University of Alberta student Jordan Cymbaluk. "A place like this is perfect — nice long benches. You can relax a little, have a between-class break and refresh a lot." 

The map is a brainchild of graduating student Trenton Broens. 

His blog is a guide of his favourite places to drop off.

"I'm leaving," he said. "I finally felt like it was a good parting gift to be able to share some of my favourite places to nap."

Broens rated each of his sleep destinations according to comfort, ambience, foot-traffic and quietness.

His favourite?

"Mine's definitely in the Humanities Lounge. It's kind of central to to where most of my classes were and it's nice and configurable, pretty quiet and really comfortable."

The director of university health and wellness services say that's good science.

Even a 20 minute power nap can help busy students recharge, said Kevin Friese who sometimes squeezes in a nap during his lunch break.

"The university actually takes rest and sleep very seriously," he said. "We have sites located here on campus that are specifically set aside as quiet areas as study zones and rest areas.

"We try to promote that with the students to let them know there are opportunities here for them to take a break and make sure you are getting the rest you need."


With files from CBC's Helen Pike