Cappuccino Canadiana: Mounted cops make java run at Sherwood Park trot-thru

Consider it your daily double double, or more accurately your caffè grande, of Canadiana: a pair of Mounties in full red serge, atop russet steeds ordering coffee at a drive-thru.

RCMP officers in red serge saddle up for coffee run

Consider it your daily double double, or more accurately your caffè grande, of Canadiana: a pair of Mounties in full red serge, atop russet steeds ordering coffee at a drive-thru.
Jaclyn Faulkner couldn't resist snapping a photo of these officers in red serge at a Sherwood Park Starbucks. (Jaclyn Faulkner)

Jaclyn Faulkner was just pulling out of the parking lot when she spotted the officers near the corner of Wye Road and Ash Street in Sherwood Park Tuesday.

"I was stopped, waiting to cross the road and my daughter started shouting from the back seat. She's five years old," Faulkner said in an interview with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.

"And she said, 'Mommy, mommy! Mounties in the drive-thru, Mounties in the drive-thru!'

"I looked back and saw two horses and two female Mounties in the drive-thru."

Usually these kinds of visits seem to be reserved for Tim Hortons, where Zambonis, moose and even angry cougars have been known to visit.

But these two cops were spotted at a Starbucks, a coffee chain originating in the United States.

Neverthless the officers did manage to live up to another Canadian stereotype — they were nice.

"They were being really polite with everyone taking photos and my daughter said she even saw someone petting the horses."

For Faulkner, it was a true Canadiana moment.

"When they left they were sort of cutting through a residential area, so if anyone was cutting their grass or walking their dog, they likely had to do a double take.

"I mean, where else would you ever see something like that?"

With files from Ariel Fournier