Missing mare mysteriously returns to Evansburg, Alta., family

Cindy Thomas' Clydesdale mare, Molly, turned up in a neighbour's yard three months after the horse went missing from their home in Evansburg, Alta., 100 kilometres west of Edmonton.

Pregnant Clydesdale had gone missing in September

The draft horse was in the Thomas family's yard with five other horses when she vanished on Sept. 22, 2018. (Supplied by Cindy Thomas)

Cindy Thomas was on her way out of town for the holidays on Christmas Eve when she got a message that had her racing back home in disbelief.

Her Clydesdale mare named Molly had reappeared, three months after vanishing overnight from the family home in Evansburg, Alta., about 100 kilometres west of Edmonton.

"We had so many tips along the way that didn't pan out," Thomas said. "As soon as [my neighbour] sent a picture, I showed my husband and we both broke down crying." 

Part of the family 

The draft horse was in the family's yard with five other horses when she disappeared on the evening of Sept. 22. 

"It was like a kick in the stomach, it was awful," Thomas said. "She's part of the family."

In addition to driving around neighbouring towns searching for Molly, Thomas posted about her missing Clydesdale on Facebook. The post was shared across Canada and around the world.

At first, Thomas suspected Molly was stolen to be sold for slaughter. Now she believes her horse was being hidden in someone's barn nearby.

"I think the RCMP and everyone was getting a little closer and her story was worldwide. I just think they got tired of hiding her."

I can make it up to her and spoil her rotten.-Cindy Thomas

Thomas said it's been a difficult few months not knowing what happened to Molly.

"You beat yourself up for it because you can't find the answer," she said.

"With no closure you wake up and it's the first thing you think of. Now that she's home, I can forgive myself for not being able to find her this whole time. I can make it up to her and spoil her rotten."

Thomas said she was particularly worried because Molly was pregnant. Since her return, Thomas has confirmed the horse is still in foal.

Thomas said Molly has lost weight and has a foot infection from standing too much. 

Despite the weight loss and infection, Thomas noticed Molly had been groomed and her mane and tail cleaned. She plans on having a vet inspect the horse as soon as possible.

About $1,200 was raised in a GoFundMe campaign. Thomas said she has returned all the funds raised to find Molly.

'We're so thrilled to be able to share [this] with all the people that have been rallying behind us," she said.

Molly is expected to give birth to her foal in early spring.