Metal detectors added at K-days gates after three men stabbed

K-Days security workers will today begin using metal-detector wands to check patrons at the gates, after three men were stabbed on the fair grounds Tuesday evening.

The three victims who were stabbed Tuesday evening have refused to co-operate with police

Security at the K-Days gates started using metal-detector wands Wednesday after three men were stabbed on the grounds. (CBC)

K-Days security workers will today begin using metal-detector wands to check patrons at the gates, after three men were stabbed on the fair grounds Tuesday evening.

The three victims have so far refused to talk to police about the attacks.

The three men approached security and police near the south gates on the K-Days grounds at 10:15 p.m. last night, said Tim Reid, president and CEO of Northlands.
A man walks by the scene where three men were stabbed on the K-Days grounds on Tuesday. (CBC)

The three, aged 19, 22 and 26, had been stabbed. They were given first aid at the scene, then taken by ambulances to hospital.

"Police believe this was an isolated incident," says acting Staff Sgt. Cory Huculak, with northeast division. "The three complainants and suspect are known to police."

Police arrested a 21-year-old man at the scene, Huculak said. He also faces charges unrelated to the stabbings.

Police are looking for witnesses to come forward.

"The complainants are not co-operating fully with police, so we're urging the public to call if they saw or heard anything related to this incident," Huculak said. 

Reid said pat downs and bag checks are standard procedures at the gates.

The victims are expected to recover from their wounds.


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