Man arrested after Alberta Mountie hurt in roadside attack

A man has been arrested one day after an RCMP officer from the Spirit River, Alta., detachment was injured during an altercation during a traffic stop north of Grande Prairie.

Truck driver at scene said injured officer was left in ditch

A man has been arrested one day after an RCMP officer from the Spirit River, Alta., detachment was injured during an altercation during a traffic stop north of Grande Prairie.

RCMP confirmed the man was arrested without incident at a rural residence near Wanham, Alta., around 4:35 p.m. MT.  They said he is the only suspect sought by police. They have not released his name or age and he has yet to be charged.

Police said the lone patrol officer stopped a vehicle near Wanham after reports it had been driving erratically.

While details remain unclear, it appears the driver and officer became involved in an altercation resulting in the officer being injured and left in the ditch.

Truck driver Jonathan Hiscock pulled up shortly after the incident took place, and spoke with one of the volunteer emergency responders on the scene.

"[He] informed me that the officer that was doing a routine stop and ... when everything was seeming to be OK, apparently the assailant came out of the vehicle and actually attacked the officer, strangling him, and brought him right into the ditch where the officer was left," said Hiscock.

"Presumably, he was left for dead," he added.

The officer was taken to hospital where he remains in stable condition.

"Certainly, our thoughts have been with our member as well as his family," said RCMP Cpl. Carol McKinley. "And we're just grateful that he is OK, and that someone was arrested today without incident, so that there was no further injury."

Hiscock, who lives in the area, called the incident "shocking."

"Even the people who were around there — the emergency response — everybody was just blown away. This just doesn’t happen," he said.

The name of the RCMP officer has not been released.

Wanham is about 480 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.