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Madeleine Cummings is a digital journalist with CBC Edmonton.

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Fetch the ballots: Meet the 9 dogs and 3 cats in ravine race for off-leash president

More than 1,000 people have already voted for Mill Creek Ravine’s first Off-Leash President, and with just two days remaining in the campaign, CBC Edmonton has everything you need to know about the candidates and their platforms.

Busy like Christmas: What it's like delivering mail during the pandemic

The surge in online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic is putting more pressure on postal workers across the country.

Mysterious ringing sound rattles residents in central Edmonton

Residents say the noise, which has persisted for weeks if not months, is so shrill it is interfering with their sleep.

COVID-19 amplifies existing challenges for undocumented workers, experts say

The authors of a new report on undocumented workers in Alberta say the COVID-19 pandemic means more challenges for an already vulnerable group.

How COVID-19 is affecting Edmonton's seasonal workers

Seasonal workers find themselves in a difficult position as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Tourism drop 'devastating' for Jasper businesses, town councillor says

Businesses in Jasper are hurting as the national park remains closed to tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hundreds of Fort McMurray flood evacuees now staying in Lac La Biche hotels

The northern Alberta hamlet of Lac La Biche has welcomed approximately 300 evacuees who fled Fort McMurray due to flooding this week.

Volunteers race to protect Fort McMurray hospital with thousands of sandbags

Volunteers in Fort McMurray helped fill thousands of sand bags this week to protect the region’s only hospital from flooding.

Miss dining out? Virtual lunch series aims to connect Edmonton diners online

An Australian campaign to support businesses affected by COVID-19-related racism inspired Keren Tang to launch a similar initiative in Edmonton.

Gardening guru explains how to regrow veggies from scraps

With a little water and kitchen scraps, you can regrow many of your favourite vegetables at home.

More Alberta women reconsidering birth plans during pandemic, midwives say

Alberta midwives say more women are choosing to give birth at home out of fear of contracting COVID-19 and because of new visitor restrictions in hospitals.

Chain reaction: Edmonton bike shops busier than ever during COVID-19 pandemic

The rush arrived in the last two weeks as the weather improved and Edmontonians — housebound for weeks by COVID-19 restrictions — started looking at their options for outdoor exercise.

Celebrating a century: 3 Edmontonians celebrate turning 100 during COVID-19 pandemic

As pandemic-related travel restrictions continue and seniors’ residences remain temporarily closed to visitors, family members are finding creative ways to mark their loved ones’ milestones.

Canadian publisher's map highlights hundreds of bookstores now selling online

A Canadian publisher is drawing attention to the hundreds of independent booksellers embracing online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edmonton recording studio closes after 18 years

After producing more than 200 records, Stew Kirkwood has closed Sound Extractor Studios, the recording studio he ran in west Edmonton for the past 18 years.