A grisly replay: Edmonton jury see videos of second Mac's store robbery and shooting

An jury watched surveillance video of the second violent robbery and fatal shooting in an Edmonton Mac’s Convenience store to occur in the same night

Graphic warning: this story includes content that may be disturbing to some readers

Laylin Delorme was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder and two counts of of armed robbery in the killing of two Mac's convenience store clerks in December 2015. (Court of Queen's Bench)

A surveillance video detailing a violent robbery and fatal shooting in an Edmonton Mac's Convenience store was like a grisly replay of the one seen by the Edmonton jury a day earlier.

Making it even more awful was the fact that this video depicted the second such robbery and shooting to take place in the early morning hours of Dec. 18, 2015.

The video was shown to the jury Friday as the first-degree murder trial of Laylin Delorme continued. 

Delorme is accused of the murder of Ricky Cenabre, 41, who was shot and killed while working alone in a Mac's store on Dec. 18, 2015. 

He is also accused of the murder of Karanpal Bhangu, 35, who was also shot during a violent robbery earlier the same night, at another Mac's location. 

Crown prosecutors allege that Delorme carried out the two fatal robberies with Colton Steinhauer and another male. 

They were arrested after crashing their vehicle on Whitemud Drive during a police pursuit. 

Violent attack on video

On Friday, the jury viewed surveillance video from the store where Cenabre worked, located at 10845 61 Avenue. 

The video shows three masked individuals entering the store at 3:40 a.m., less than twenty minutes after the first robbery.

One man, wearing a black hoodie, is seen holding a handgun.

Cenabre appears to be co-operating with the gunman's demands. He is seen opening the till while another suspect, wearing a grey bomber jacket, stashes cigarette packs into a duffel bag.

The clerk attempts to open a safe, but doesn't succeed. 

The gunman violently hits Cenabre in the head, with the gun and his fist. The victim's blood pours onto the ground. 

The robbery is over quickly, and the trio leaves the till area. The suspect in the grey jacket, now holding the gun, comes around the counter.

He shoots Cenabre, who is crouching on the ground, before leaving the store. 

After the attacker leaves, a different video angle shows Cenabre making his way to the back of the store. 

The surveillance video shows the attacker shooting Ricky Cenabre from over the counter before leaving the Mac's Convenience store. (Court exhibit )

Delivery man first on scene

The jury also heard testimony from the newspaper delivery man who discovered the bloody scene. 

Jack Hillestad told the jury that he entered the store to drop off newspapers around 3:40 a.m. and "noticed that things were askew."

Hillestad said he saw the cash tray from the till on the counter and a trail of blood leading from the till area to a back room.

He told court that he left to get his phone from his vehicle in order to call 911, and then returned to the store. 

Hillestad testified that he followed the blood trail, and discovered Cenabre laying in blood behind the door to the other room. 

"He was in bad shape," he told the court. 

Police officers testified that Cenabre had no pulse by the time they arrived on scene at 3:49 a.m..

Ricky Cenabre's blood is visible on the floor, as well as cigarette packs, in the aftermath of the fatal robbery on Dec. 18, 2015. (Court exhibit )