Guitars stolen from Leduc music store for second time this year

The Turner Guitar Studio on Main Street in Leduc was broken into in February, and it happened again early Friday morning.

Thief makes off with two guitars valued at $2K; store was also broken into in February

A total of six guitars have been stolen in break-ins at the Turner Guitar Studio in the past year. (James Turner/Supplied)

A Leduc music store was the target of a burglary early Friday for the second time in less than a year. 

The Turner Guitar Studio was the target of the break-in early Friday. Surveillance footage shows a person breaking the glass of the store door before entering and taking two guitars.

Owner James Turner said police called him around 1 a.m. and asked him to come to the store.

"The first words out of my mouth when I got out of my car, police were there, I was just like, 'Again?' " Turner said Saturday.

But he wasn't overly shocked. "It was kind of like 'OK, I guess I should've seen that coming.' "

Turner Guitar Studio sells a variety of guitars, some priced as high as $8,000. (James Turner/Supplied)

$2K worth of guitars stolen

Turner didn't make any major changes to the store's security system after the first burglary, aside from installing a glass-break sensor on the door.

Three men stole four guitars in the February break-in. It was also caught on camera, but the thieves were never caught and the guitars weren't recovered, Turner said.

Turner isn't surprised his store has been a target for thieves. "People don't rob clothing stores," he said. "Guitars seem like a really easy target. They're very eye-catching."

They're also very valuable. Friday's thief stole two semi-hollow electric guitars worth around $1,000 each, Turner said. He said he sells guitars worth eight times that.

Small security changes

Turner isn't planning on making any major changes to the store's security system, but said he's considering adding bars to the door or using a laminate glass, which he said is harder to break.

"My philosophy has always been that people will do what they're going to do, but I'm not necessarily going to let them change the way I do things," he said.

Turner hopes anyone who recognizes the person in the surveillance footage will contact police in hopes it will help them find him.

"I can't imagine it's going to be too tough, unless he's somebody not from around here," he said.

The store was open on time later Friday morning, Turner said.

"The store itself is doing very well," he said. "We'll just keep on doing what we're doing and hope that whatever we implement will stop this from happening a third time."

Store owner James Turner says the Hagstrom Baritone is one of the guitars that was stolen on Friday. (TurnerGuitarStudio1/YouTube)
Store owner James Turner says the Hagstrom Viking is the second guitar that was stolen on Friday morning. (TurnerGuitarStudio1/YouTube)