The Ledge: Notley and Kenney fight over oil by rail plan

The premier and UCP leader fought over the government's contracts to ship Alberta oil by rail; a judge reserved her decision on whether to overturn Stephen Mandel's five-year ban from running for public office; and we learned more about how the UCP sees the upcoming campaign.

Michelle Bellefontaine and Kim Trynacity discuss a busy week in Alberta politics

The Ledge is CBC's podcast about Alberta politics. (CBC)

What are the three things you need to know about Alberta politics this week?

CBC reporters Kim Trynacity and Michelle Bellefontaine sum them up in this week's episode of The Ledge podcast.

1.  I'm arrogant? You're arrogant!

Premier Rachel Notley announced new contracts for locomotives and tanker cars to ship Alberta oil by rail on Tuesday. By Thursday, UCP leader Jason Kenney wrote letters to CP and CN telling them he plans to tear up the contracts if he wins the election. Notley and Kenney point fingers at each other over who is more arrogant. 

2. Alberta Party leader asks court to overturn Elections Alberta ban

Stephen Mandel finally had his day in court Friday. Kim was in the courtroom to hear his arguments against a sanction preventing him from running for public office for five years

3. UCP candidates get ready for the election

The party held an election readiness convention for candidates and volunteers in Edmonton. Kenney raised the ire of party members after brushing aside three nomination candidates to appoint a "star" to run for the UCP in Edmonton-Meadows. Michelle has some inside information on how the UCP plans to fight the campaign.