Lawyer accuses cop of assassinating MP's character

Peter Goldring's lawyer is accusing the police officer who arrested the Edmonton MP of trying to assassinate his character.

Peter Goldring's lawyer argues officer should not be believed at breathalyzer trial

Edmonton MP Peter Goldring speaks to reporters following final arguments Tuesday in his trial on a charge of refusing to give a breath sample. (CBC)

Peter Goldring's lawyer accused the police officer who arrested the Edmonton MP on a charge of refusing to give a breath sample of assassinating the 68-year-old's character.

Dinos Bottos told a judge Tuesday not to believe the evidence offered by Const. Trevor Shelrud because he made too many mistakes during the arrest.

Shelrud's testimony that Goldring tried to negotiate himself out of the situation is complete and utter nonsense, Bottos said during final arguments.

Bottos also said the Crown hasn't proved Goldring actually refused to take a breathalyzer test, saying the MP was simply trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

But the Crown prosecutor said Goldring was asked several times to give a breath sample, but he refused to leave his vehicle, locking the door and refusing to roll down the window.

The Crown also defended Shelrud, saying his evidence was frank, forthright and professional.

Outside the courthouse, Goldring told reporters the trial is about civil liberties.

"It's not just about my civil liberties," he said. "It's about your civil liberties too. 

"By taking it through this exhaustive process, I'm confident that at the end of the day there will be lessons here that we'll be able to learn and move forward with."

The judge will likely give a decision in about a month. 

Goldring was charged after he was pulled over by Edmonton police early on Dec. 4, 2011.

During his trial, Goldring testified that he had one or two glasses of wine at a political fundraiser earlier that evening, and one beer before leaving a northside sports bar.

With files from CBC's Gareth Hampshire