Lawsuit dropped against Camrose woman at centre of traffic stop gone wrong

Alberta Sheriff Oscar Robert Behiels has dropped his $4 million lawsuit against dentist Simona Gabriela Tibu.

Lawsuit was filed following altercation on highway

Simona Tibu alleges that she was the real victim during a traffic stop in the summer of 2013. She has been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer 10:16

An Alberta sheriff has dropped his $4-million lawsuit launched against a woman who had been involved in roadside scuffle near Camrose in 2013, setting off a legal battle that has lasted years.

The lawsuit, launched by Robert Behiels against Camrose dentist Simona Tibu, was dropped in October 2017.

Behiels stopped Tibu for speeding on Highway 21 in August 2013. There was a scuffle that lasted more than 10 minutes and Tibu was hurt.

She accused Behiels of assault and sexual assault. Those charges were terminated before going to trial.  

Simona Tibu posted photos like this one online after her brush with a peace officer in Camrose, Alta. in 2013. (Simona Tibu)

Tibu was convicted of assault and resisting arrest. Those convictions were overturned on appeal in December 2015.

In that decision, the appeals court judge ruled the sheriff didn't have grounds to arrest her in the first place because he didn't give her enough time to produce her identification when he asked her for it.

In April 2016, Tibu launched a civil suit seeking $5.65 million, plus punitive damages, against Behiels and the Solicitor General and the Minister of Public Security of Alberta. The latter is named because it is the owner of the sheriff's motorcycle and the employer of Behiels.

Tibu's lawyer said Thursday that lawsuit is still proceeding, though it is not expected to be heard in court until 2019.