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Experts say Sask. could be more transparent with COVID-19 data without sacrificing privacy

The Saskatchewan government reports COVID-19 case data by six regions for the entire province, whereas other provinces report in as much detail as by the postal code.

Regina teacher says social post suggesting he was stealing from his own car highlights racial bias

Christian Mbanza said he's usually the type of person to "let it slide" if he endures racism, but the Regina teacher said he couldn't let it go this time when someone recorded him trying to get something out of his own car and posted the video to a neighbourhood Facebook group warning people to lock their doors.

Travel restrictions reveal double-standard, says Canoe Lake Cree First Nation resident

Rose Durocher longs to see her family, but can't because of provincial travel restrictions imposed on her community, despite there being no known local active cases of COVID-19.

Sask. sisters mourn mother Nelda Maurice, who died after COVID diagnosis

Nelda Maurice's daughters say she was the rock of their family and that saying goodbye to her has been the hardest thing they have ever done.

Sask. petition calls on government to hit pause on logging

People with ties to the land around Nesslin Lake are calling on the province to pause logging operations slated to begin later this year.

Regina hairstylist shocked by health inspector who refused to use hand sanitizer

A Regina hairstylist who has reopened for business couldn't believe it when a health inspector — who seemed dismissive of the virus — wouldn't use hand sanitizer during a visit to her salon.

Travel in northeast Sask. welcomed with caution

The move to open travel back up to northeast Saskatchewan is being met with appreciation and caution.

Charges laid in Sask. homicide bring grieving fiancée little closure

Police said Tuesday that an eight-month investigation into Ryan Gatzke's death had resulted in charges against four people.

'English only' policy at Dollarama shocks and appalls Regina customer

Regina man Jay Bercades was shocked when he saw a manager tell her employees, who were talking in Tagalog amongst themselves, to speak English only.

Sask. psychiatrist says La Loche outbreak harm compounded by inadequate mental health resources

Dr. Sara Dungavell says COVID-19 is leading to increased stress and anxiety in the north, as people are living with less access to resources. On top of that, she said there wasn't enough resources in the community to begin with.

Sask. woman questions extent of COVID-19 restrictions at mother's long-term care facility

A Saskatchewan daughter said her mom has been “confined” to her room at a government run health-care facility due to COVID-19. 

Closing arguments presented at trial of Regina man accused of sexually assaulting 14-year-old

Closing arguments were presented at the trial of Phillip Lionel Levac on Friday at Regina Court of Queen's Bench.

Sask. small care home operators ask for clarity, consultation

Michell Jesse said the personal care home operators she represents have been frustrated trying to keep up with the government's direction during an already stressful time.

Sask. dentists struggle to get N95 masks as clinics reopen

Some Saskatchewan dentist offices opened Monday, but others remain closed as they wait on protective equipment like N95 facemasks. 

Pandemic period 'a wake up call' for supporting local

Business owners say the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake up call for Saskatchewan people when it comes to supporting local operations they want to see survive after we pull through this.