Julia Lipscombe

Associate Producer, Edmonton AM

Julia Lipscombe is an associate producer for Edmonton's morning radio show, Edmonton AM.

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Jasper National Park says one caribou herd gone, two others on the brink of local extinction

The Alberta Wilderness Association says that southern mountain woodland caribou populations in Jasper National Park are dangerously low, and are calling on Parks Canada to intervene.

Owner of Edmonton's longest-standing independent bookstore retires

After 50 years in the book business, the co-owner of Audreys Books is turning a page.

Petal peddlers from across the world bring exotic beauties to St. Albert orchid show

Among the hundreds of orchids on display in St. Albert at the 42nd Annual Orchid Fair this weekend, it takes a special kind of flower to stand out.

Community mourns beloved Cree educator, leader and 'truth teller'

Former Blue Quills University president, Vincent Steinhauer was instrumental in creating Canada’s first Indigenous-led post-secondary institution.

'Dr. Mom' debunks unscientific mommy blog advice

Some mom blogs say that sleep training your child you can lead to abandonment issues, anxiety disorders or ADHD later in life, but Dr. Stephanie Liu says that kind of advice isn't rooted in fact.

Stars align for Edmonton skincare brand

When Lane Edwards was spending hours in her home laboratory, crafting the first products for her skincare line, Pura Botanicals, she was blasting her favourite band, Fleetwood Mac, for inspiration. She could never have guessed that four years later, the band would be a big fan of hers, too.

Edmonton soldier says Invictus Games helped him cope with PTSD

Twelve years ago, Sgt. Rob Dolson was involved in an ambush in Kandahar Province. Today, he credits the Invictus Games as helping with his PTSD.

'A safe place': Edmonton couple plans wedding as groom transitions

Marita Obst and Farrin van Graven are getting married. But marriage is not the only life-changing experience the Edmonton couple is going through. Van Graven is also transitioning.

'It's the end of an era': Alberta's last-ever Greyhound bus leaves the station

The final Greyhound bus in Alberta travelled from Calgary to Edmonton Wednesday evening. After 89 years of service, the iconic transportation company is ending its service in Western Canada.

This miniature horse is a master of disguise

Every year, Patty Kramps dresses her miniature horse in a different Halloween costume. This year she looked to the Lord of the Rings movies for inspiration.

Playing football with a prosthetic leg? Reid Maxwell can meet any challenge

Reid Maxwell was born a trans-tibial amputee or a "below-knee amputee." He's also got a rare disorder called Prune Belly Syndrome, which means he's missing stomach muscles.

We are the Roots documentary honoured with four prestigious awards

A documentary about the experiences of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s first Black settlers has received four major awards.

How my 7 kids got me through the hardest years of my life

During the hardest years of her life, Pam Hills came to rely on her seven children almost as much as they relied on her.

New gallery exhibit sheds light on flu epidemic that killed 4,000 in Alberta

One hundred years ago, a devastating flu swept into Alberta and killed more than 4,000 people. The Spanish flu confounded doctors with its lightning-fast progression, and the fact that it most affected adults aged 20 to 45.

Plaque initiative connects Westmount residents with neighbourhood history

As the 100th anniversary of the neighbourhood approaches, the Westmount Heritage Committee had been looking for ways to mark its centennial. They came up with a plaque initiative, which connects current residents to the first people who lived in their houses.