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Janice Johnston is an award-winning journalist in Edmonton who has covered the courts and crime for more than two decades. You can reach her at janice.johnston@cbc.ca or on Twitter at @cbcjanjohnston

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Edmonton police officer allegedly stole cash from crime scene he was guarding

An Edmonton police officer charged with three counts of theft this week allegedly stole cash from a home he was assigned to guard as a crime scene, CBC has learned.

Privacy laws apply to the dead: Police chiefs could withhold IDs of homicide victims

Alberta's police chiefs have agreed in principal to new rules that could mean the names of homicide victims will be withheld from the public.

Justice system needs to pay more attention to victims' rights, Edmonton police chief says

Alberta's criminal justice system must pay more attention to the needs and rights of victims, says Edmonton's police chief.

'Great unfairness': 2 more sex assault cases where victims were jailed to ensure their court testimony

Two new cases uncovered by CBC News suggest a troubling pattern in the way the courts treat marginalized victims in sexual assault cases, says one of Edmonton’s top criminal defence lawyers.

Defence seeks mistrial, tries again to paint jailed victim as criminal in Angela Cardinal case

In the latest legal salvo, Lance Blanchard's defence lawyer asks the judge to declare a mistrial, based on new evidence that came forward after Blanchard was convicted of attacking sex assault victim CBC has identified as Angela Cardinal.

Sexual predator Lance Blanchard's lawyer denied access to victim's records

Lance Blanchard's lawyer lost a bid Monday to get more information related to the sexual predator's victim, identified by CBC News as Angela Cardinal.

'World shattered' after four-year-old killed in collision

A four-year-old boy died last Friday night after he ran out into traffic from between parked cars. The boy's aunt described a horrifying scene in a GoFundMe post aimed at raising funds to help with the family's funeral expenses.

Alberta transgender teacher fired in 2008 loses case in appeal court

It's been nearly nine years since Jan Buterman was fired as a substitute teacher by the Greater St. Albert Catholic school board after notifying them he was transgender. On Friday, Alberta's highest court dismissed his appeal.

Arsonist pleads guilty in $6M Windermere condo fire

The mastermind behind a massive condo fire in Windermere pleaded guilty Thursday to arson. Eric Gould will be sentenced in November.

'Incredibly damning allegation': Angela Cardinal case ignites feud between prosecutors, justice minister

The Angela Cardinal case has exposed new cracks in an already tense relationship between Alberta’s justice minister and the province’s Crown prosecutors.

RCMP officer convicted of assault loses appeal

An Alberta RCMP officer convicted of assaulting a man he arrested in 2012 has lost his bid to overturn the conviction. In an Edmonton courtroom on Tuesday, a Court of Queen's Bench judge dismissed an appeal from Const. Eric Pomerleau, found guilty last year of assaulting a Red Deer man he had arrested for impaired driving in December 2012.

Doubts about sex assault victim Angela Cardinal raised in sworn affidavit

An Edmonton defence lawyer believes he has uncovered new evidence that suggests Angela Cardinal lied to police and to a judge about a June 2014 attack that sent a convicted sexual predator back to jail.

Sex assault victim jailed after Crown, police refused to pick up hotel bill

Angela Cardinal, the homeless sex assault victim who was jailed while testifying against her attacker, could have stayed in a hotel instead of the Edmonton Remand Centre. But nobody was willing to pick up the tab for a room, CBC News has learned.

Judge throws out stay of convictions application for Lance Blanchard

Notorious sexual predator Lance Blanchard attempted to have his convictions stayed, arguing his constitutional rights were violated while in custody at the Edmonton Remand Centre. Thursday the judge denied his application.

Judge's son defends jailing of Edmonton sex assault victim

The son of a provincial court judge who made a controversial decision to jail a sex assault victim has publicly defended his father in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.