Edmonton's Ice District skates towards construction milestone

From Glen Scott's corner office on the 22nd floor of the Bell Tower, he has a front row seat to the progress in Edmonton's Ice District.

Topping ceremony for JW Marriott Hotel and Legend Residences expected within weeks

Reflections over Rogers Place from the 28 floor of the Stantec Tower under construction now in Ice District. (Adrienne Lamb/CBC)

From Glen Scott's corner office on the 22nd floor of the Bell Tower, he has a front row seat to the progress in Edmonton's Ice District.

"As you can see we're inching along out there," said the president of Katz Group Real Estate.

Outside his window construction continues on a mixed-use skyscraper, which includes the new JW Marriott hotel and the residential condo part of the development above called Legends Residences, which is still being completed.

Scott says by the end of January or first week of February they hope to have a topping off ceremony for the skyscraper.
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Next door, at what will be the tallest building in Western Canada, Scott is ready to mark another construction milestone.

Work on the Stantec Tower is moving to the residential portion of what will be a 66-floor building, which will now be growing by about a floor per week.

"It's pretty exciting, we're making some pretty good progress," Scott said.
Stantec's Kathleen McCabe watches the company's tower construction project from the third-floor balcony of their Ice District building. (Rick Bremness/CBC)

When Kathleen McCabe, vice president of global real estate for Stantec, tours what will be the building's daycare, main lobby and massive food hall, she can see that progress. The company will be able to consolidate the design firm's 1,500 local employees from three locations into one.
Looking down on the CN Tower and the Epcor Tower from what is now the tallest building in Edmonton. (Adrienne Lamb/CBC)

"There are all kinds of amenities for food options and groceries and theatre, and housing options and hotel. There's just no other location like it in Edmonton," said McCabe.

McCabe is eyeing October of this year to start moving in.

Sporting a hard hat, Steven Walton is already touring potential clients through his space over at the JW Marriott. The director of sales and marketing expects the hotel will open in January of 2019.

Walton says he has already inked deals for the first conferences at the site for next April and is booking summer weddings into their grand ballroom.
An artist's rendering of the JW Marriott ballroom. (JW Marriott)

"Eleven thousand square feet, 21-foot ceilings, wrapped in windows, no pillars, pretty exciting, it will be by far the most beautiful space in Edmonton," Walton said with a smile.

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JW Marriott's Steven Walton dishes about the progress being made on their newest property set to open in Ice District. 1:23