Heavy rain causes flooding in Eckville

Heavy rains in central Alberta Monday caused flooding in the town of Eckville, west of Red Deer.
Flooding was caused by heavy rain that fell over the area Monday. (CBC)

Heavy rains in central Alberta caused flooding in the town of Eckville Monday.

"People are just kind of dumbstruck," resident Sharon Walker said. "We have had washouts of roads. Some people have got 10 to 14 inches of water in their basements ... we've never seen anything like it."

Signs of flooding were everywhere Tuesday. Belongings from water-filled basements were out on lawns and there was a sinkhole on the side of a busy road.

About 100 houses were flooded in the town and more than 700 customers lost power for about 12 hours.

"There's a lot of damage in the basement. Backyard — there's quite a bit of damage," said John Parsons. At one point, the water was up to his hips. His insurance company has told him it could be three to six months before his house is back to normal.

The heavy rain also had an effect on roads outside town

A portion of Highway 766 west of Rimbey is closed. Drivers using Highway 766 between Eckville and Highway 12 and Highway 53 west of Rimbey are asked to use caution because of water running across the surface of the road.

A rainfall warning is in effect for the area Tuesday with amounts expected to exceed 60 millimeters.

Heavy rain caused flash flooding to hit the city of Lacombe Monday. Streets were covered with several feet of water for about two hours.

City officials said the sewer system wasn't designed to handle so much rain in that amount of time. Mayor Steve Christie said crews worked to clear flooded areas allowing all roads to reopen Tuesday morning.

Heavy rain over the weekend has put the Peace River near Fort Vermillion under a flood warning.

River levels are expected to peak late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning which could flood the hamlet and the nearby airport.