2 injured in garage explosion in north Edmonton

Two people were injured after a garage explosion in the north Edmonton neighbourhood of Griesbach Friday night.

Police are investigating the cause of the explosion

A garage explosion in the Edmonton neighbourhood of Griesbach sent two people to hospital. (Sam Martin/CBC)

Two people were injured in a garage explosion in the north Edmonton neighbourhood of Griesbach Friday night.

According to Edmonton Fire Services District Chief Todd Weiss, crews arrived to find a collapsed garage in the area of 97A Street and 147th Avenue. The attached house had windows broken and some neighbouring houses also were damaged.   

Crews found propane tanks at the scene but they were intact. Weiss said there was no fire after the explosion. 

Nearby residents reported hearing a loud bang that rattled windows. The sound of the explosion was also reported in several other area neighbourhoods just before 6 p.m.

Peter Turlind, who lives in Griesbach, said the explosion shook his house.  

"I've been in an earthquake in B.C. and it kind of felt like that," he said. 

Police are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Weiss confirmed two people were taken to hospital but did not comment on the extent of their injuries.