Grande Prairie RCMP arrest suspect after shots fired at grader operator

A suspect has been arrested in connection to an incident involving a Grande Prairie city employee, who was shot at while operating a grader just after midnight Saturday.

A Grande Prairie resident witnessed the arrest

The grader the city employee was driving was pushed against a snowbank and a white Jeep. (William Vavrek Photography)

A man suspected to be involved in an overnight shooting directed at a Grande Prairie grader operator has been arrested, RCMP said.

Police said the grader and suspect's vehicle collided at about 12:20 a.m. Saturday, while the city employee was plowing snowy streets. The suspect allegedly left his vehicle and fired at the grader, and then fled on foot.

Police said the grader driver wasn't shot, but was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The city employee has since been released.

A yellow John Deere grader was pushed against a snowbank and a white Jeep. At least five bullets holes could be seen in the window of the grader.

The operator of the grader was treated and released from hospital. (William Vavrek Photography)

Police carrying long guns could be seen walking near the intersection of 84th Avenue and 100th Street overnight.

They were looking for a 22-year-old Grande Prairie resident who they believe was involved in the shooting. He was arrested Saturday at about 3:30 p.m.

RCMP said Edmonton Police had issued an unrelated warrant for the man's arrest for robbery.

Charges have yet to be laid in the case.

The suspect was arrested at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, police say. (Arlene de Heus)

'He went peacefully'

Grande Prairie resident Arlene de Heus witnessed the arrest. She lives across the street from the apartment where the arrest took place.

"I looked outside and there's cops everywhere hiding behind the snowbanks in front of my house, guns drawn and dogs everywhere," de Heus told CBC News about 15 minutes after the arrest. "So I kind of started to get anxious about what was going on."

She said a man and woman came out of an apartment building with their hands up, and police arrested the man.

"It looked like he went peacefully," she said.

Police carrying long rifles could be seen walking near the intersection of 84th Avenue and 100th Street early Saturday. (William Vavrek Photography)

De Heus wasn't sure what happened to the woman, or if the pair lives in the apartment where the arrest took place.

She said the incident wasn't an unusual occurrence for her neighbourhood.

"It's been a while since it's been this crazy, but there's always something going on."