Graham Thomson

Graham Thomson is an award-winning journalist who has covered Alberta politics for more than 30 years, much of it as an outspoken columnist for the Edmonton Journal. Nowadays you can find his thoughts and analysis on provincial politics Fridays at, on CBC Edmonton Television News, during Radio Active on CBC Radio One (93.9FM/740AM) and on Twitter at @gthomsonink.

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OPINION | Kenney continues fight for oilsands even as world turns away

As more and more non-political players turn away from the oilsands, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has responded with pugilistic rhetoric.

OPINION | Classrooms, controversy and COVID: How can government safely reopen schools?

As much as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney might wish it, we are nowhere near a “return to our regular everyday lives.”

OPINION | Doctors' heated dispute with Kenney government a creature of politics and history

The dispute between the doctors and government is arguably less about compensation and more about power and influence in the healthcare system

OPINION | Kenney not slowing whirlwind pace of major legislative changes

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's government seems determined to reshape Alberta through by using introducing a flurry of legislation.

OPINION | Jason Kenney likes referendums. Here's why you shouldn't

What’s the plural form of referendum? Is it referendums or referenda? It doesn’t really matter. Using either doesn’t change the fact that a referendum is, politically speaking, an optical illusion.

OPINION | 'Fair Deal' report foreshadows a tumultuous future for Alberta

The Fair Deal report all-but guarantees that Alberta will spend the next few years picking fights with the federal government, engaging in never-ending debates over equalization, launching expensive and meaningless referendums, and blaming others for all the problems.

OPINION | Government's red-tape legislation stumps the NDP and the minister who tabled it

At Thursday's news conference on Bill 22 — the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act — associate minister Grant Hunter had difficulty explaining details of his own piece of legislation.

OPINION | Alberta premier targets Ottawa in pivot to pre-pandemic politics

Watching Alberta politics these days is like riding a time machine into the past when COVID-19 didn't exist or into a future where it's been conquered.

OPINION | Kenney will end state of public health emergency June 15. Let's hope COVID-19 is amenable

After 10 weeks of science taking the lead in the province's battle against COVID-19, politics is back in the driver's seat. It was bound to happen, sooner or later.

OPINION | Alberta 'war room' selling positive oilpatch pitches, but investors aren't buying

Alberta's government-sponsored "war room" apparently failed to make an impression on Norway's $1-trillion US sovereign wealth fund, which announced this week it had divested its investments in four Canadian energy companies.

OPINION | Oil is not dead but Kenney will need Trudeau's help to keep it on life support

When Elizabeth May, parliamentary leader of the federal Green Party, proclaimed on Tuesday that "oil is dead," she was correct in a philosophical sense. But not in a practical, real world sense.

OPINION | Kenney cursed by bad luck like no other Alberta premier

Peter Lougheed had luck on his side. So did Ralph Klein. Jason Kenney most definitely does not.

OPINION | Kenney ignoring teachers' pension fears after AIMCo's $4-billion 'blunder'

Premier Jason Kenney is fluent in both of Canada’s official languages. Yet he can’t seem to communicate with Alberta’s teachers.

OPINION | After romping to victory one year ago, Kenney faces unprecedented challenges in 2020

A year ago Kenney was celebrating a decisive electoral victory over the NDP after running on a campaign platform that could be summed up in three words: jobs, economy, pipelines. A year later he's dealing with an unprecedented disaster that can be summed up in three words: pandemic, recession, debt.

OPINION | Kenney under fire from the front-line workers in the war on COVID-19

As if things weren’t already bad enough for Premier Jason Kenney as he leads Alberta through a pandemic and unprecedented economic collapse, he’s now being sued by Alberta doctors.