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Opinion | MacKinnon report gives Kenney roadmap for Klein-style cuts

Reading the sky-is-falling report from the Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta’s Finances should give you a dreaded feeling of deja vu.

Opinion | Session wraps, but Alberta's never-ending election cycle goes on and on

The face of Alberta politics was never serene but nowadays it is arguably more quarrelsome, more divided and more hyper-partisan than ever before.

Opinion | Kenney's public inquiry into 'foreign-funded' enemies new face on old, ineffective strategy

The public inquiry announced Thursday is the latest addition to Premier Jason Kenney's narrative that Alberta is under attack from outside forces.

Opinion | Western premiers meet, talk and no one starts a fight

When Canada’s western premiers gathered for their annual meeting Thursday in Edmonton, some observers anticipated a conflagration would erupt between Alberta’s Jason Kenney and British Columbia’s John Horgan. Not so much.

Opinion | Are you listening? UCP's earplugs stunt an affront to democratic debate

The NDP opposition was understandably outraged, as were public sector unions who will be very much affected by the legislation under debate at the time.

OPINION | Ottawa imposing a carbon tax on Alberta bodes well for TMX project. Really.

Less than 10 days after Jason Kenney’s United Conservative government killed Alberta’s carbon tax, the federal government announced Thursday it will impose its own carbon tax on the province starting Jan. 1, 2020.

Opinion | Talk around the clock: NDP slows down UCP summer of repeal

Alberta’s NDP seems determined to slow down and drag out the summer session of the legislature into August.

Opinion | The goofs, the bad and the ugly: Fledgling UCP government trying to find its feet

Politically speaking, Alberta’s United Conservative government is still learning to walk.

Opinion | Session begins, but it feels like the election campaign all over again

Listening to Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley debate each other in the legislative assembly Thursday afternoon, it sure seemed like the campaign is still going on.

Opinion | Policy debate Albertans yearn for will require restraint from both sides of the aisle

If we’re into the honeymoon period for Alberta’s election-winning United Conservative Party, we’re also into the awkward period for the election-losing New Democratic Party.

OPINION | The sudden diplomacy of Premier Jason Kenney

When newly minted Alberta Premier Jason Kenney met with Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa Thursday it was the political equivalent of matter and antimatter colliding.

Opinion | Ottawa has climate-change questions, does Kenney have answers?

Alberta premier-elect Jason Kenney insists he is taking climate change seriously but his party's election platform suggests otherwise.

Opinion | Courtesy meets diplomacy: Question is, how long will it last?

Not that they’re suddenly best friends but both Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley are keen to make the transition of power as smooth as possible.

Opinion | How will Kenney unite Albertans after divisive campaign?

Notley spent four years planting trees of social justice legislation — and Alberta just elected a lumberjack.

OPINION | Is the NDP's anti-Kenney strategy making the fight more difficult?

“In this campaign, the NDP only has eyes for Jason Kenney. And that seems to be a problem, less so for Kenney and more so for the NDP.” Political columnist Graham Thomson on the Alberta election.