Golf course hopes wider holes will drive players to the game

An Edmonton golf course is pinning its hopes on oversized holes, hoping that widening them to 8-inches will attract new players to the game.
A golf course south of the city is hoping that wider holes will mean wider appeal for the game. (Supplied)

An Edmonton golf course is pinning its hopes to oversized holes, hoping that it will attract new players to the game.

"We want to grow the game of golf. We want people to go out and have fun and play golf," said Chad Rumpel, head pro at the Eagle Rock Golf Course south of Edmonton.

Big-hole golf has taken off in the U.S., with courses experimenting with holes up to 15 inches in diameter in a bid to attract new players to the old sport.

Rumpel is taking a page from a golf course in Langley, B.C.. Instead of permanently converting his entire course, he plans to switch his holes to 8-inches once a week.

“Hopefully, people will see what I'm trying to do, create a fun atmosphere. Make it easier for juniors and beginners and try to grow the game."

The idea is getting some traction with new players and experienced golfers alike.

“There's one other thing it will do: it will speed the game up particularly on weekends and that with the newcomers," said John Convey

The course hopes to have the larger holes in rotation this month.