'I will not be resigning,' says embattled Fort McMurray councillor

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Coun. Krista Balsom will not resign her seat, she said in a statement Thursday.

Krista Balsom was asked this week to resign over conflict-of-interest findings

Krista Balsom issued a statement Thursday saying she will let the courts decide her fate. (Greg Halinda/ RMWB)

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Coun. Krista Balsom says she won't give up her council seat, despite being asked to resign for violating conflict-of-interest rules,.

Instead, Balsom said she will challenge the decision in court.

"After close consultation with family, supporters and community members I have decided I will not be resigning," Balsom said in a statement Thursday.

"I believe strongly in the principle of fairness and due process and I look to a favourable outcome in the courts."

Balsom's fellow councillors voted Tuesday to issue a letter to her requesting her resignation.

The request followed an independent investigation into allegations that she violated conflict-of-interest rules under the Municipal Government Act by voting on certain issues during the 2018 budget process.

The investigation found Balsom would not have been approved to vote on the budget matters if she had disclosed all of her business contracts with groups that receive funding from the regional municipality.

The municipality's legal services department knew about one potential conflict. But it later surfaced that Balsom failed to disclose several other contracts her marketing company held with organizations that receive funding voted on by councillors.

"I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused my fellow council members and constituents, but I believe that I will be cleared in the fullness of time," Balsom said in the statement.

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