RCMP investigating Fort McMurray parking lot road rage stabbing

Fort McMurray RCMP are investigating a Friday morning road rage incident in a parking lot that resulted in one person being stabbed.

The victim had non-life-threatening injuries; the suspect was arrested on-scene

Police are appealing for any witnesses to contact Wood Buffalo RCMP after a road rage incident Friday before noon. (CBC)

Fort McMurray RCMP are investigating a road rage incident just before noon in a parking lot that left one person stabbed and rushed to hospital.

RCMP say the incident happened at Tamarack Village parking lot on Franklin Avenue in downtown Fort McMurray around 11:33 a.m.

Cpl. Terri-Ann Deobald said witnesses saw two motorists exit their vehicles and begin arguing in the parking lot that's home to a McDonald's restaurant.

A third person, an adult male, intervened "to defuse" the situation and was stabbed. The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries and was hospitalized. No one else was injured.

The suspect was arrested on scene.

"It was during the noon hour when the majority of people break for lunch," Deobald said. "So there were more people in these areas because there were restaurants nearby."

Police are appealing for any witnesses to contact Wood Buffalo RCMP.