Fort McMurray man pleads not guilty to weapons offences involving ex-girlfriend

A Fort McMurray man pleaded not guilty to discharging, pointing, possession and careless use of a firearm after allegedly shooting at his ex-girlfriend in 2018.

Kira McGee was not injured in the alleged shooting

A Fort McMurray man pleaded not guilty to multiple firearms related charges against his ex-girlfriend. (Jamie Malbeuf/CBC)

A Fort McMurray man has pleaded not guilty to multiple weapons-related charges involving an incident his ex-girlfriend in 2018. 

Dayton Davis is facing eight charges — including discharging, pointing, possession and careless use of a firearm — related to an incident where he allegedly violated a no-contact order and fired a gun at his ex-girlfriend, Kira McGee.

McGee testified in Fort McMurray's Court of Queen's Bench on Monday. 

McGee, who was 18 at the time, said on the day of the incident she had just finished a shift at McRay's Roadhouse Grill. It was about 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 26, 2018. 

She said picked up her friend Cole Rodgers and they got a coffee at Tim Hortons on Thickwood Blvd. 

As she was driving away, she recognized a pickup truck behind her that had just pulled a U-turn. 

"He was coming at me with such a rate of speed that I thought he was going to rear-end me," said McGee. 

She said the truck started to follow her, eventually pulling up right beside her vehicle with the window rolled down. McGee said the person sitting in the passenger side pulled up his hood to hide his face. 

At the time of the incident, McGee had a no contact order in place against Davis. 

She saw Davis driving the vehicle, and then the passenger picked up a shotgun and pointed it at her through the window, McGee said in court. 

"I saw a flash and it was a huge bang," said McGee. McGee said that's when she hit the brakes, and Davis drove off ahead. 

McGee identified the gun as a pump-action shotgun. 

Defence attorney Brent Corbin was quick to question the consistency of McGee's statements. She had previously told police and the preliminary hearing that it was Davis who fired the gun at her, but in court she said it was the passenger. 

"My mind was not clear giving that statement," said McGee. "There's no way I can tell specifically who had it."

Corbin questioned her further, asking why her evidence on Monday was completely different from previous statements. 

"I was still shot at with a shotgun," McGee said. "My evidence isn't completely different." 

Neither McGee, nor her car were hit by a shotgun shell. 

Scorch marks found on mirror

Wood Buffalo RCMP Const. Bryan Welsh-Morgan, who responded to the incident involving McGee and Davis, also testified in court Monday. He said he was dispatched to a call about shots fired on the night of the incident. He spoke with McGee and Cole Rodgers, the friend McGee was driving around with. 

He got a description of the pickup truck Davis was driving, and found it about 30 minutes later. 

Welsh-Morgan said that he saw what he believed to be scorch marks on the mirror, and the mirror was cracked. 

He went searching for shells, but did not find any. 

The trial continues Tuesday with the testimony of Rodgers.