Fort McMurray man has goal to create 365 videos about achieving his goals

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Meet a Fort McMurray man whose goal is to make one video about achieving his goals every day for 2018.

'I’m a hopeless romantic and impenetrably positive, and I wanted to help lift those spirits'

Jeff Batchelor and his friend Stu Dancey have pledged to shoot a video each day for 2018 and upload it Youtube. (David Thurton/ CBC)

Jeff Batchelor wants to live every day better, and he wants the rest of the world to watch him do it.

The aspiring YouTube star plans to make 365 videos this year about setting and achieving his goals for 2018.

The Fort McMurray man has committed himself to try to see the positives in every situation, and wants to help others make each day better.

"It just seems like everyone around me is negative," Batchelor said. "I'm a hopeless romantic and impenetrably positive. And I wanted to help lift those spirits and motivate people to look on the bright side."

365 videos in one year

Batchelor posts daily videos on his YouTube channel, called EverydayBetter, to keep himself accountable. He hopes to inspire others to achieve their own goals.

Right now, his videos get from 15 to 200 views, but he hopes they catch on.

"The last thing I wanted to do was to be somebody who told anybody how to live their life, or what to do," he said. "Instead, I just want to live it."

The 33-year-old, who works at Legacy Dodge as a sales associate, produces 60-second videos about different topics of the week. He starts the week with motivational Mondays and ends on Sunday with a recap.

He has a camera and lights set up in his Fort McMurray home. His friend, Stu Dancey, edits the content a week in advance.

Dancey said all the positivity has already rubbed off on him.

"It's helped me greatly," Dancey said. "My stress levels have gone down. My productivity has gone up. I find myself having more time in the day."

Batchelor has set several other goals for 2018. He has quit smoking. He calls one friend on the phone every Friday. He has cut down on his grocery spending and moved into a cheaper rental, so he can save money. He plans to save enough to go on three vacations and donate $5,000 to a local charity.

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