Fort McMurray fire: Social media reflects worries and fear as flames enter city

The wildfire threat has escalated in and around Fort McMurray, and many people are posting pictures and video as they flee the northern Alberta city. As the night progressed, the evacuation order was expanded and officials were urging people to be calm.

Residents flee as wildfire sweeps into city

Exodus from Fort McMurray

7 years ago
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RCMP warn people to evacuate the area amid fire threat, CBC's Marion Warnica reports

People in Fort McMurray, Alta., are still trying to get out of the city as a wildfire puts neighbourhoods at risk. Local and emergency officials were calling for patience and calm as people packed the roads trying to flee the city.

The situation has been changing quickly as the fire worsens. 

For the full list of evacuations, check the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo list. 

The airport was still open Tuesday night 'for departing passengers' booked on flights, but many flights have been cancelled. Follow the Fort McMurray airport for the latest as the situation could change overnight.

The region and AB Emergencyalert are providing updates, as many people try to get out of the city. Residents and reporters captured some of damage done as the fires burned and people fled.

Politicians have been reacting and offering help.

But some politicians were having their own struggles as well, including the leader of the Wildrose Party of Alberta and MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin.