Fired constable pleads guilty to obstructing a peace officer

Adam Kube, who was fired from the Edmonton Police Service last year, will receive a conditional discharge after serving nine months’ probation and performing 90 hours of community service
Adam Kube spoke to reporters outside the Edmonton courthouse on Wednesday after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of obstructing a peace officer. (CBC )

A former Edmonton police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of obstructing a peace officer.

Adam Kube was fired from the Edmonton Police Service for the incident last year. He will get a conditional discharge after serving nine months probation and performing 90 hours of community service.

He will not have a criminal record.

“I understand I made a mistake, one hundred per cent,” Kube said outside court.

“I've taken that on. I do feel remorseful for my actions and am obviously moving on with life.”

In 2011, Kube sold his motorcycle to a woman and cancelled his insurance.

Two months later, the woman was stopped by police while riding the bike. She had no licence, no plate, no registration and no insurance.

She called Kube, who was off-duty at the time. He showed up and introduced himself to the two officers. He presented his pink insurance card, saying that he was the previous owner of the bike.

The card did not show that the insurance had been cancelled.

Kube was suspended without pay. He was found guilty of corrupt practice and discreditable conduct following a police disciplinary hearing and then was dismissed in February 2013.

Provincial court judge Robert Philip said that Kube was a good police officer who has paid a high price for “one ridiculous act.”

However, he said police officers and members of the public need to know that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

"He took an oath,” the judge said.  “And the really sad thing about this is he's lost a promising career and the city of Edmonton has lost the possibility of a promising police officer."

As for Kube, he says he was open and honest about what happened but that wasn't taken into consideration. 

"In my true opinion, I feel that if I were to assault someone, or to Tase someone excessively or to drive while intoxicated, I feel I'd still have a position with the Edmonton Police Service," he said. 

A spokeswoman says EPS is declining comment on Kube's statement.