Firearms trafficking ring targeted in west Edmonton, 5 men charged

Five Edmonton men are facing a series of charges after a black market firearms trading ring was busted by ALERT.

A workshop was used to illegally convert firearms for sale to Edmonton criminal groups

Officers recovered rifles, handguns, silencers and ammunition in the bust. (ALERT )

Five Edmonton men are facing a series of charges after a black market firearms trafficking ring was targeted by ALERT.

Eight firearms were seized Sept. 23 as four search warrants were executed on homes across west Edmonton.

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams' gang unit recovered three rifles, five handguns, body armour, silencers, and a crate containing various rounds of ammunition.

Investigators say the firearms were being purchased legally, but were then illegally supplied to Edmonton-area criminal networks.

A workshop in one of the homes was being used to illicitly manufacture silencers, and to convert and deface firearms before they hit the black market, ALERT officials said in a statement issued Thursday.

Many of the firearms had their serial numbers filed off. A semi-automatic rifle had been converted to shoot fully automatic.

A total of 107 charges have been laid against five men in their thirties.

ALERT begin its investigation in last month, after receiving a tip about a suspected firearms trafficking business operating in Edmonton.