Everyone's a critic as Oilers unveil new mascot, Hunter the Canadian lynx

The Edmonton Oilers announced the newest member of the team on Monday — a larger-than-life Canadian lynx, named Hunter.

Canadian lynx 'far and away the most popular choice' for mascot, Oilers say

Mixed reviews of the Oilers' new mascot Hunter

7 years ago
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After the Oilers announced their new mascot is a lynx named Hunter, we sent video producer David Bates to get reaction.

The Edmonton Oilers announced the newest member of the team on Monday.

Hunter, a much, much larger-than-life Canadian lynx, is the new team mascot.

While his talents may be pouncing on open pucks, skating with feline grace and reacting with cat-like reflexes, his primary job will be to bring smiles to young children.

"Introducing Hunter as the Oilers official mascot is an opportunity to strengthen our connection in the community," Stew MacDonald, chief commercial officer for the Oilers Entertainment Group, said in a news release.

"Hunter is passionate, energetic, approachable and loves the Oilers. Just like our fans."

However, some posters on Twitter wondered just how approachable Hunter will be for toddlers.

Youngsters will get plenty of opportunities to run into Hunter, who will show up at events at city hospitals, festivals and schools.

The Oilers say they developed the character through research, surveying more than 2,200 Edmonton students, from kindergarten to Grade 9.

The Canadian lynx was "far and away the most popular choice," the Oilers said.

Hunter is named for the original Oilers owner, "Wild" Bill Hunter, who founded the team in 1972.

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