EPCOR may offer remuneration over water-main breaks

If you're among many Edmonton homeowners affected by water-main breaks, you might be able to get remuneration from EPCOR.

Website offers complaint document

If you're among many Edmonton homeowners left out in the cold by water-main breaks, you might be able to get remuneration from EPCOR, CBC News has learned.

Recent frigid temperatures have led to three dozen such breaks around the city, the utility said Thursday, and for residents like Walter Hildebrandt that means the extra expense of a night at a hotel.

"We gotta go into Days Inn tonight because [his wife's] got to be ready to work," Hildebrandt told CBC News after being told he won't have running water in his home for 24 hours.

However, EPCOR does offer a way for its customers to apply for remuneration when they are affected by service interruptions.

Head to the the company's website (http://www.epcor.com) and in its search box type in the word "Crawford." Click on the top item in the list, which begins "This is not an admission of liability ..." and then download the Microsoft Word document and fill in the blanks. However, the website adds, be sure to contact your own insurer first.

EPCOR says it's doing it's best to fix water-main breaks, which it says it was powerless to prevent.

A city ordinance shows that only in cases of gross negligence would the company be at fault.

"We live in a winter city," said EPCOR spokesman Tim LeRiche. "It's nobody's fault that it's going to be 30-below out there and we think everybody's going to have to accept that and be ready for that."

If you think the warmer weather predicted for this weekend is good news, think again. EPCOR warns the sudden change in temperature may create more water-main breaks.