End of the World getting harder to visit

It's getting harder to visit the End of the World.

Picturesque, secluded part of Edmonton's river valley too dangerous say area residents

Residents hope officers, fines will keep young people away from river valley spot 1:36

It's getting harder to visit the End of the World.

The End of the World is the name of a secluded part of Edmonton's river valley in the Belgravia neighbourhood, a popular hangout for teens.

However, residents who live nearby say steep banks and a three-metre drop off make the area too dangerous.

A committee formed to keep teens away is hoping regular patrols by bylaw officers willing to hand out $150 trespassing fines will do the trick.

"That's just for being there," said committee member Therese Gaetz. "If they have open alcohol there's an additional fine. If they're doing anything else that against a by-law that's an additional fine."

The committee is looking for more support from city council and is giving a tour of the area to Coun. Ben Henderson on Thursday.

With files from CBC's Laura Osman