Embrace winter without your mitts: Warmer Edmonton weather perfect for outdoor fun

Edmontonians can look forward to a couple of warm days to indulge in their favourite winter passions.

Temperatures may be rising, but city skating rinks expect to stay open

Winter City ready for heat


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Above-freezing temperatures are expected in the Edmonton area through to the weekend. 0:36

Temperatures in the Edmonton-area are expected to climb this week, well past the freezing mark.

More people will be able to head outside and embrace winter, without the multiple layers required in the last few weeks.

Those enjoying the skating at the Victoria Park Oval and IceWay should see smooth ice ahead.

It's not the warm temperatures that stop the winter fun, but the sun's rays that ruin the ice.

With the sun so low in the sky at this time of year, and with lots of cloud cover, the effects haven't been too harsh on the ice surfaces.

"You can still have it fairly warm outside," said Michael Webb, with River Valley Parks and Facilities. 

"It's (the) radiant energy from the sun causing that damage. What you will find is that it blisters, the ice will get a little bit soft making it unsafe and then we will re-evaluate at that time, and maybe do a closure."

But for the moment, no closures are planned.

Sue Brick skates along the Victoria Park IceWay. (John Robertson / CBC)

If ice forms on the toboggan hills, the city sends out groomers or snow machines to make them safe.

Over at William Hawrelak Park, the icicles are ready at the Edmonton Ice Castle.

You might think a structure built of ice would need the cold, but it actually refrigerates itself.

Icicles hang in the halls of the Edmonton Ice Castle. (John Robertson / CBC)

"It really is a living, breathing beast of a castle that has moods," said lead artist Christian Denis.

"So when it is plus 5 C or plus 10 C even, it just changes its mood, changes its shape, changes its effects."

The city reminds people concerned with closures to either call 311 or check the City of Edmonton's website for the latest information.

Icicles will change in the warmer days. (John Robertson / CBC)