Edmonton Votes 2017: Biggest issues in southeast Ward 11 linked to Valley Line LRT

Ward 11 is in southwest Edmonton and has about 47,000 eligible voters.

Ward 11 will deal with more development issues in the coming municipal council term

Construction on the Valley Line LRT, looking south on 75th Street from Wagner Road. (Rick Bremness/CBC)

Ward 11 is home to communities stretching from Mill Woods in the south to Ritchie in the north and over to Maple Ridge in the east.

The Valley Line LRT's south leg slices through the ward from north to south.

The 27-kilometre project will link Mill Woods Town Centre with the city's west end. Construction of the south leg, currently underway, is expected to cause major traffic headaches for years to come.

"It's probably the largest urban construction project when you consider how much construction is going on simultaneously across the city," Valley Line spokesperson Dean Heuman told the CBC in May.

Already, construction of the line has caused road closures in the city's southeast and "marooned" seniors at a residence in Mill Woods.

"Are we expected to starve since we can't get off the block at all?" asked James Natriss, one of 500 residents at Shepherd's Care who have seen access to basic amenities blocked off by Valley Line construction.

And the trouble won't let up once the line is built: the at-grade transit network is expected to cause delays at 45 city intersections, including 28th Avenue and 66th Street.

2016 municipal census statistics

Population: 71,060

Eligible voters: 47,539

Owns home: 53.7%

Rents home: 25.5%

Lived in home five years or more: 40.8%

Mainly drives to work: 71.8%

Takes transit to work: 13.9%

Main language other than English: French (3%)

Income under $30,000: 10.3%

Income $60,000 to $100,000: 14.4%

Children in preschool: 3.9%

Children from kindergarten to Grade 6: 5.9%

Interesting statistic: Ward 11 has the highest percentage of people who are Canadian citizens in the city (65.05%)

Neighbourhoods: Ritchie, King Edward Park, Avonmore, Hazeldean, Argyll, Tweddle Place, Michaels Park, Jackson Heights, Kiniski Gardens, Greenview, Hillview, Richfield, Lee Ridge, Tawa, Kameyosek, Tipaskan, Meyonohk, Satoo, Ekota, Meyokumin, Sakaw, Menisa

​Six candidates: Rob Aromin, Brandy Burdeniuk, Chris Christianson, Mike Nickel, Keren Tang, Troy Pavlek

From left: Keren Teng, Brandy Burdeniuk, Mike Nickel, Chris Christianson, Troy Pavlek. Rob Aromin, not pictured, is also running. (Ward map: City of Edmonton; candidate photos supplied)

CBC Edmonton's candidate survey responses:

Rob Aromin - No response

Brandy Burdeniuk - No response

Chris Christianson has lived in Edmonton for 20 years

Family: married with one child
Credentials: geomatics survey technologist with the province of Alberta; land acquisition, land administration, agricultural production, Olds College
Top issues: facilitate public hearings for residents to object to projects; expedite feasibility study and cost measures on LRT extension to Ellerslie; examine costs of revitalizing mature neighbourhoods
City's biggest challenge: operate effectively financially

Mike Nickel, 52, has lived in Edmonton his whole life

Family: married with two children
Credentials: incumbent city councillor; master's degree in political science
Top issues: taxation/spending by city government; crime/policing; infrastructure and better project management
City's biggest challenge: no response

Troy Pavlek, 23, has been in Edmonton 13 years

Family:  common-law
Credentials: software developer; two years in computing science with a software specialization\
Top issues: help make roadway system more accessible for all modes of transport; promote sustainability in urban growth; require more accountability from council and city administration
City's biggest challenge: managing growth with better infrastructure for walking and cycling, more green spaces

Keren Tang, 32, has been in Edmonton for five years

Family: married with one child
Credentials:  ​public health professional; M.Sc. in health promotion from University of Alberta, B.Sc. from McGill University
Top issues: revitalize neighbourhoods, focus on back alleys and sidewalks; develop public transit and Valley Line LRT; improve fiscal management and use of taxpayer dollars
City's biggest challenge: managing and sustaining growth, create a resilient and diversified economy; levy affordable taxes

Ward 11 candidates forum: Thursday, Oct. 5. from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at J. Percy Page Composite High School, 2707 Mill Woods Rd.

Ward issues:

With files from the CBC's Natasha Riebe