Edmonton turns thumb down on internet voting

Edmonton city council voted against having internet ballots in this fall's civic election.

'No' to online voting


8 years ago
Costs and security concerns led council to turn down a proposal for voting using the internet 2:25

Edmonton city council voted against using internet ballots in this fall's civic election.

A city report recommended using the new technology, but councillors said there were too many concerns about security and manipulation of the system.

Coun. Kim Krushell became worried after some people were able to vote twice in a "jelly bean" mock election last year.

"I am concerned about if you actually open the door for hacking or security concerns or potential fraud then you defeat the whole purpose of democracy which is to ensure that we have a fair system for voting," she said.

Krushell said she likes the idea of internet voting, especially given turnout in recent elections, but said it needs to be done properly.

An ammendment to limit on-line voting to special ballots was also defeated, winning support only from Couns. Ben Henderson and Don Iveson.