Edmonton to rethink lower speed limits

City council is not about to reduce speed limits in all Edmonton neighbourhoods, despite the success of a pilot program.

City council is not about to reduce speed limits in all Edmonton neighbourhoods, despite the success of a pilot program.

For the past six months, speed limits in six residential communities have been lowered by 10 km/h.

Drivers did slow down in those neighbourhoods and, where there were collisions, the injuries were less severe, said city staff.

The transportation committee is now considering keeping the reduced speed limit in some neighbourhoods and returning others to 50 km/h.

But Mayor Stephen Mandel said there should be one speed limit for all neighbourhoods.

"I don't have a problem if council wants to make all neighbourhoods 40 km/h in the city," he said. "Then it's a bylaw and it's done. 

"But if we're going to have half 40, why don't we have some 25, couple of 15, two 8 and a nine. This is ridiculous."

The committee wants to survey residents to gauge support for the lower speed limits.