Edmonton powwow dancer recovers regalia

An Edmonton powwow dancer will dance again in her sacred dresses, leggings, moccasins and eagle feathers after she discovered the missing items costumes in somebody's garbage.

Dresses, moccasins, leggins, sacred feathers found in garbage in alley

Roberta Kakinoosit discovered her lost powwow regalia in the garbage near her home. (CBC)

An Edmonton powwow dancer will dance again in her sacred dresses, leggings, moccasins and eagle feathers after she found the missing items costumes in somebody's garbage.

"I can't even express how much that means," says Roberta Kakinoosit. "This is a part of me and it's part of my spirit. Now we can start planning our summer again because from losing all this stuff, everything was stopped."

Kakinoosit was on her way to a powwow in Peace River, Alta., on the weekend when her suitcase fell out of the bed of her truck.

She went back to look for the suitcase, but it was gone.

A man who later found the suitcase empty, called her. He told her he found it in a back alley and suggested she search the area for the contents.

"We jumped into the truck and we went and looked in the alley and started rummaging, literally ripping open garbage bags and stuff."

Sure enough, she found her gear intact stuffed into green garbage bags.

"I wanted to start screaming, jumping up and down."

A woman told Kakinoosit she found the items on the ground and bagged them up for the garbage.

While Kakinoosit was initially angry, she's now just happy to have her regalia back.

The man who helped find her possessions refused a reward and wished to remain anonymous.

 "I'd really like to say thank you to him if he is watching," Kakinoosit told CBC News. "I really appreciate it. You made my life just complete again."

She also said she has taken a lesson from the incident.

"I don’t think I’m going to be letting something like this happen again. I have to walk with more caution and just pray a lot more and be respectful of the stuff that I do have."

Kakinoosit says she'll need to get her gear re-blessed by an elder before she can return to the powwow circuit.

With files from CBC's Niall McKenna