Edmonton police officer fired for urinating on colleague

An Edmonton police officer and decorated Afghan war hero has been fired after he urinated on a colleague during a training course.

Decision follows second probe by Law Enforcement Review Board

An Edmonton police officer has been fired after he urinated on a colleague during a training course.

The decision follows a 17-month legal saga that reached the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Rob Furlong, a decorated Afghan war hero, had been out drinking with colleagues at a course near Edmonton in September 2011. The group returned to their accommodations to sleep, but Furlong kept drinking and later woke up his colleagues.

According to evidence from several officers, Furlong urinated on one of his colleagues, pushed him, yelled insults then forced him to stay in his room.

Furlong was charged with discreditable conduct and dismissed at an Edmonton Police Service hearing. The presiding officer, Supt. Mark Logar, called Furlong’s behaviour "dehumanizing and degrading to another human being."

Rob Furlong legal saga:

Sept. 2011: Furlong and colleagues attend training exercise

March 2012: Furlong charged with four counts discreditable conduct. Pleads guilty to two and dismissed at hearing.

December 2012: Law Enforcement Review Board reinstates Furlong, imposing two-year reduction in seniority.

April 2013: Court of Appeal orders new review by LERB.

July 2013: LERB upholds original decision to dismiss Furlong.

Furlong appealed the decision to the Law Enforcement Review Board, which overturned the dismissal. The decision was appealed to the Alberta Court of Appeal, which ordered the LERB to take a second look.

A three-member LERB panel reviewed the case again and, in a decision dated July 24, 2013, but just becoming public now, upheld the original decision to fire Furlong.

Furlong, a former sniper with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, was lauded for making the longest-ever confirmed sniper kill in combat. His 2,430 metres shot in Afghanistan in 2002 has since been surpassed.