Edmonton police chief says more officers admit to steroid use

Edmonton’s police Chief says more police officers have come forward to admit to steroid use since two were charged with selling the drugs in March.

Chief Rod Knecht provided no numbers but commended those who have come forward

"Using steroids is cheating," said police Chief Rod Knecht on Friday morning.

Edmonton's police chief says more police officers have come forward to admit to steroid use since two officers were charged with selling the drugs in March.

Chief Rod Knecht made the remarks during an informal chat with reporters at police headquarters on Friday morning.

"Our members have been very forthcoming," he said.

"There have been situations where we didn't even know about certain individuals, and they've come forward and said, look I used steroids."

Knecht didn't have specific numbers on how many officers have come forward, saying he couldn't comment specifically as the internal investigation is still underway.

Knecht called the openness shown by some members in disclosing their steroid use "remarkable."

"I think it speaks to their integrity and fortitude, and I think it demonstrates that EPS is a place where these people can come forward, and they're willing to come forward. I don't think that's always been the case."

Knecht has been firm in his zero tolerance towards steroid use on the force, saying that "using steroids is cheating."

The image of the brawny police officer is one that Knecht wants to see debunked.

In March, two police officers found themselves on the other side of the law after being charged with illegally selling steroids to other officers.

The investigation, which took almost two years, was conducted by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. Sgt. Greg Lewis and Const. Darren French have been charged with trafficking stanozolol, an anabolic steroid -- the same drug Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for during the 1988 Olympics.

Since the charges were laid, another Edmonton police officer, Const. Adam Toma, admitted to using steroids during a police disciplinary hearing — a decision that led to his demotion from sergeant to constable, and a $20,000 pay cut.

Knecht said he expects the internal investigation to wrap up within the next three weeks. So far, the department has conducted 30 interviews within EPS related to steroid use and trafficking.


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