Photo radar locations in Edmonton now available online

The City of Edmonton is now publishing the locations of photo radar on a weekly basis.

'If we're getting less revenue because people are slowing down ... that's a success story'

Strathcona County RCMP are warning drivers to slow down after catching four speed demons who lost their licences. (CBC)

The City of Edmonton is now publishing the location of photo radar enforcement in the city on a weekly basis.

In making the announcement at a council meeting on Tuesday, Coun. Dave Loken said for him, providing the information is an experiment.

"I want to see if people are actually going to pay attention enough and in fact slow down," said Loken. 

"If we're getting less revenue because people are slowing down and our streets are safer, that's a success story," he added.

The first list was published July 1, said Gary Dyck, communications adviser for traffic safety.

"A total of 919 people saw that first one," he said.

There were some glitches with getting the latest list published online, but it is now available, Dyck said.

The list does not include a specific time when a camera may be operating at the location and Loken said that needs to change.

"People should know at any given time, in any given part of the city, where the location is going to be," Loken said. "If that's not the case then that's something we need to work on."

He would also like to see signs warning drivers when a photo radar officer is at a specific location.

But Dyck warned providing this specific information may be difficult, since enforcement officers shift around on short notice due to construction and weather.

While advocating for disclosure of sites Loken said if drivers aren't speeding, they don't need to worry where photo radar enforcement is set up.

"It's about people paying attention behind the wheel," he said.