Edmonton mansion could be yours for $7.5 million

An estate up for sale, just outside of Edmonton, will need a special kind of buyer.

Palatial home boasts a sauna, wet bar, six-vehicle garage, and a car wash

An estate up for sale, just outside of Edmonton, will need a special kind of buyer.

Perched high on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in rural Parkland County, it has five bedrooms, six baths, and more than 13,300 square feet of living space.

The palatial home boasts a sauna, a wet bar, a six-car garage and its very own car wash. Herringbone marble tiles cover the floors and hand-painted dome murals adorn the ceilings.

The sprawling mansion can be all yours for a cool $7.5 million.

Homeowner Donald McCargar decided to build the estate in 2007,  when he started building up the surrounding neighbourhood during his career as a developer.

"I kept the best lot for myself," McCargar said. "In all my years in the city, I've never seen a view of the river like that before."

After more than 40 years in the construction industry, McCargar says he wanted to build something that would have a lasting legacy.

"I've always worked as a builder, a carpenter. I get bored of building boxes."

McCargar says he would like to see a big family move in. But if a buyer can't be found, he will consider renting out the estate for special events such as weddings and galas.

However, Edmonton realtor Julian Szklarz, who is managing the sale, says Edmonton's high-end real estate market remains strong in spite of the ongoing slump.

"The price isn't determined so much by the market, because you're dealing with such a small pool of buyers.

"There is a lot more property like this being built in Edmonton, which wasn't the reality before."

Szklarz is confident the estate will fetch its full price.

"These places are so individual; if there's only one buyer, that's all you need."